близко имя прилагательное:
близкий (close, near, nearby, intimate, familiar, nigh)
закрытый (closed, enclosed, close, shut, covered, hooded)
тесный (close, narrow, tight, intimate, confined, poky)
внимательный (attentive, careful, thoughtful, mindful, watchful, close)
тщательный (thorough, meticulous, rigorous, close, accurate, precise)
пристальный (close, staring, intent, undivided, fixed, undiverted)
замкнутый (closed, close, enclosed, reserved, withdrawn, insular)
строгий (strict, stringent, rigorous, severe, stern, close)
плотный (dense, tight, thick, solid, close, compact)
точный (accurate, exact, precise, just, precision, close)
подробный (detailed, detail, thorough, itemized, particular, close)
густой (thick, dense, bushy, heavy, viscous, close)
скрытный (secretive, cagey, reserved, reticent, secret, close)
спертый (stale, stuffy, close, frowsty, fuggy, frowzy)
сжатый (compressed, short, concise, tight, succinct, close)
уединенный (secluded, solitary, lonely, private, lone, close)
интимный (intimate, close, familiar, heart-to-heart)
молчаливый (silent, tacit, taciturn, mute, uncommunicative, close)
убористый (close)
душный (stuffy, stifling, sultry, airless, suffocating, close)
облегающий (slinky, close, clinging)
хорошо пригнанный (close)
точно соответствующий (close)
скупой (stingy, mean, miserly, skimpy, niggardly, close)
без пробелов (close)
без пропусков (close)
почти равный (close)
связный (connected, coherent, logical, close)
близко (close, near, nearby, closely, nearly, nigh)
почти (almost, nearly, about, near, most, close)
вплотную (close, closely, back to back, hard)
близ (near, close)
коротко (short, briefly, shortly, close)
имя существительное:
закрытие (closing, closure, close, shutdown, shutoff, dissolution)
конец (end, ending, stop, finish, last, close)
завершение (completion, perfection, end, conclusion, consummation, close)
заключение (conclusion, imprisonment, custody, closing, inference, close)
окончание (end, ending, completion, termination, finish, close)
каденция (cadence, cadenza, cadency, close)
каданс (close, fall)
огороженное место (enclosure, compound, inclosure, close, garth, list)
школьная площадка (close)
закрывать (close, cover, shut, shut down, shut up, close down)
закрываться (close, shut, close up, overcast, rise)
замыкать (close, lock)
замыкаться (close, lock, become reserved, be frozen up)
заканчивать (end, finish, complete, conclude, close, finalize)
заканчиваться (end, conclude, close, let out, be up)
смыкаться (close, interlock, occlude)
смыкать (close, clamp, link)
заключать (conclude, enclose, infer, include, establish, close)
сближаться (close)
кончать (end, finish, stop, terminate, close, do)
подходить близко (close)
сближаться вплотную (close)
притворять (leave ajar, close)
договариваться (agree, negotiate, make arrangements, arrange, treat, close)
принимать (take, accept, receive, adopt, assume, close)
близ (near, close, nearby, beside, about)

Англо-русский синонимический словарь. 2014.

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